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Carestream Industrex HPX-1 Plus Digital System

The new HPX-1 Plus has the capability to handle extra long plates, custom cut plates & rigid cassettes. Improved optics for better imaging, 30% faster throughput on long saturated plates, improved imaging plate transport system, higher mechanical reliability and a more user-friendly DICONDE compliant software for the best experience in digital imaging.

The HPX-1 Plus is a full width CR reader capable of running extra long imaging plates. The system has a wide dynamic range with high sensitivity, making it ideal for almost any type of imaging application. Whether you’re using a gamma or X-ray source, the HPX-1 Plus’ high sensitivity can help reduce shot time. It shows exceptional performance in weld applications, delivering weld-quality images consistently and dependably.

Carestream is the first NDT Company to win two Product differentiation Excellence awards within three year time from Frost & Sullivan for Computed Radiography HPX Family.

Flat-bed scanner / Variable Laser Power

Handle any Shape Size plate

12 bit log & 16 bit linear scale

Halogen Smart erase

Carestream Industrex HPX-1 Plus Digital System

The future of NDT has arrived

Why HPX-1 Plus?

Plate size flexibility

HPX-1 Plus can handle a wide range of plate sizes up to 60″ long, ranging from 70 mm – 14-inch wide

Wide dynamic range

  • Provides wide dynamic imaging range in a single shot
  • Reduces many multi-film shots to a single CR exposure

Subdued or room light capabilities

  • HPX-1 can work in an environment with subdued lighting (does not need to be dark)
  • Light cover masks out most outside light during scan
  • Can run bare imaging plates or with a rigid cassettes (this can be used in normal room light)

Halogen “Smart” erase

  • Improved SmartErase system applies calculated light intensity erase based upon exposure received
  • HPX-1 Plus improved throughput from optimized erase system

Specifically built for NDT applications

  • Multiple fans and filters maintain positive internal air pressure to keep dust, debris unfiltered air out of the system
  • Integrated brushes and seals keep environmental light and dirt out
  • Rubber feet absorb ambient vibrations in the field
  • Ergonomically designed handles for easy transport
  • Dust cover for extra storage protection in industrial environments
  • Withstood rigorous drop testing (100 g impact force)
  • Withstood variable amplitude and frequency vibration test

Carestream’s award-winning HPX family of digital products have improved field reliability and enhanced the capabilities in the NDT marketplace. Long plate and multi-plate scanning combined with SmartErase® boosts output productivity so you can get more done in a day than ever before. Our exclusive positive pressure filtered air system keeps dust and dirt out for cleaner images in both the laboratory and in remote operations. With a shock and vibration resistant design your team can image in the harshest of environments bringing a new level of confidence to digital imaging in the field.

Hardware Specifications

  • Spatial Resolution
  • Positive Pressure Fans for Dirty NDT Environments
  • Dual Air Filters (including HEPA)
  • Image Plate Flexibility
  • Plate Transport System
  • Improved Optics
  • Powerful Software