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Test Phantom for Qualification of Image Plate Scanner Systems (CR)

CR Phantom can test all relevant parameters of CR Scanner systems including basic spatial resolution, unsharpness, contrast, MTF, laser beam jitter, scanner slipping and shading. These tests demanded and described in detail in standards ASTM E 2445-14, ISO 16371-1 and EN 14784-1 have to be performed periodically.

The KOWOTEST CR Phantom exceeds these standards by including two Duplex wire type IQIs. Measuring points for shading correction are arranged in both axis directions - panorama and landscape. All required information is mapped on the image plate with a single X-ray exposure - the CR Phantom need not be rotated to generate the information of the second axis. This results in more accurate test scores and significant time savings.


A T-Target – brass Laser beam jitter, MTF check,

B Duplex wire type IQI

C BAM snail

D Converging line pair IQI

E EL, EC, ER Measuring points

F Cassette positioning locator

G homogeneous AL strip

H Lucite plate

I cm/inch Ruler

J Contrast sensitivity gauge

Dimensions: 350 x 430 x 19 mm

Laser beam jitter, MTF check, Blooming (Flare)

Basic spatial resolution, unsharpness

Central beam alignment

Line pair resolution

Shading correction

Position of cassette (image plate)

Scanner slipping, shading

Carrier plate

Linearity check

Contrast sensitivity check

14“ x 17“ x 0.75“

Scope of supply:

CR Phantom in wooden case, Test certificates acc. to ASTM E 2445-14, EN 14784-1,ISO 16371-1, Declaration of Conformity, acc. to ISO/IEC 17050-1

CR Phantom, Type I

with two duplex wire type IQIs 13D
Article no. 11 00201

CR Phantom, Type I

with two duplex wire type IQIs 15D
Article no. 11 00211

CR Phantom, Type II

designed by USAF
Article no. 11 00215

Duplex Wire Type IQI according to ISO 19232-5 Total Image Unsharpness Gage according to ASTM E 2002

Image Quality Indicator for evaluating Total Images Unsharpness

The Duplex IQI is used in many X-ray applications, especially in digital X-ray. Designed for evaluating total image unsharpness of film and additionally basic spatial resolution of digital images according to EN 13068 (Radioscopy), EN 14784 and ISO 13671 (CR – Computed Radiography with imaging plates), ISO 17636-2 (digital radiology of welds – flat panel detectors) or ASTM E 2597 (characterization of digital detector arrays). A new ISO standard is in preparation, describing possibility of using the Duplex IQI for determination of focal spot size of X-ray tubes.

Image valuation with Duplex Wire Type IQI

In radiography the wire pair with largest diameter d has to be identified, which cannot be separated visually. The radiographic film may be magnified up to 4X.

In digital radiology the separation between wires (Dip) is evaluated. The wire pair with largest d, showing Dip less than 20 percent of the wire pair contrast, identifies total image unsharpness (U = 2d) and basic spatial resolution (SRb = d) of digital image.


Duplex IQI consists of 13 or 15 wire pairs from 1D to 13D or 15D

Material for wires 1D to 3D is tungsten and for wires 4D to 15D is platinum

Distance between wires of each wire pair equals exactly diameter of wires

Wires are casted in a transparent, resistant and dimensional stable plastic

Standard and serial number are indelible casted and shown on each image

Design-type test for Duplex IQI is in process at BAM / Berlin

DD UT (mm) SRb (mm) LP (1/mm) d (mm)
D 3 1,000 0,500 1,000 0,500
D4 0,800 0,400 1,250 0,400
D 6 0,500 0,250 2,000 0,250
D 7 0,400 0,200 2,500 0,200
D 8 0,320 0,160 3,130 0,160
D 9 0,260 0,130 3,850 0,130
D 10 0,200 0,100 5,000 0,100
D 11 0,160 0,080 6,250 0,800
D 12 0,130 0,063 7,690 0,063
D 13 0,100 0,050 10,000 0,050
D 14 0,080 0,040 12,500 0,040
D 15 0,064 0,032 15,600 0,032

DD Duplex Wire Number
UT Corresponding Unsharpness
SRb Corresponding Basic Spatial Resolution
LP Corresponding Line Pair Value
d Wire Diameter and SpacingdD

Scope of supply:

Duplex Wire Type IQI in wooden box with Instructions, Declaration of Conformity according to ISO/IEC 17050-1 and individual Test Certificate according to ASTM E 2002, ISO 19232-5 with all relevant measurements

Duplex Wire Type IQI - 13D

with wire pairs from 1D to 13D
Article no. 11 00155

Duplex Wire Type IQI - 15D HiRes

with wire pairs from 1D to 15D
Article no. 11 00160